Good Toys for your Dog

When you buy toys for your dog, you should consider which toys will appear to your dog, not just to you. Safety is another important consideration.

One great choice for many dogs is known as a “Kong”. It’s made of a hard rubber, almost indestructible, and is usually hollow. They can come in a conical shape, or in other shapes like dogs. You can put treats inside to increase your dog’s interest in the toy.

I also like solid rubber rings.  Made of a heavy rubber, they’re great for tug-of-war games. If you have more than one dog, they can play with each other.

When your dog is a puppy, you’ll want toys that will help you through the teething stage. Ropes, rags, non-splintering wood, solid rubber, are all good choice.

Game over?

It’s important that you decide when a game is over, not your dog. When you’re done, you should take away the toy and put it somewhere your dog can’t get to it. If you let your dog hold onto a toy, it can lead to aggressive behavior and possessiveness.