Which Toys Are Bad For Your Dog?

Your primary concern when choosing toys for your dogs should be safety. Another important factor is what appeals to your dog.


Be careful with the toys you choose. Some plastic toys can be chewed to pieces. These pieces can be a choking hazard. They can also cause blocked intestines and other internal problems when swallowed.

Squeaky Toys

One modern trend has been the creation of dog toys with that make a squeaking noise when chewed on. Some dogs hate it, and some dogs love it. Some dogs will try to tear it apart to stop the squeaking, which may result in them swallowing chunks of plastic – not good for them.

Stuffed Toys

If you buy stuffed toys, the kind that babies love, make sure you know what they’re stuffed with. Some are stuffed with styrofoam beads, which is bad for your dog. If the stuffed toy had parts like eyes and a nose, your dog could pull them off and swallow them.